She makes all the other pornstars look so little!… In a good way!

Meaning that she is really big, big not as in chubby LOL, her figure is perfect to say the least, but big insane, in numbers, in followers, people that claim that she is the best adult model in activity right now. Pornstar Breanne Benson, has been around now for a few years, but she has never had ups and downs, she’s never fluxed, she’s never had a gap in her career, she’s always pointed to the top, and her statistics say that she is unrest about, every single porn video that comes out on DVD starring her is a blockbuster, are sold out in hours, every single time that this gorgeous pornstar is performing live on WebCam, it’s like a movie theater being completely sold out for the next 10 weeks. She has hundreds of thousands of people that sit down and watch her every time that she takes cock live.


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 103 lbs (47 kg)
Measurements: 32C-24-34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 30 years OLD
Date of Birth: April 22, 1984
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Albania
Ethnicity: Albanian
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Large design of a fairy sitting on a tree, mid- and lower back; Star with shooting stars on tailbone
Piercings: Left nostril; Navel; Clit
Aliases: Breanna Benson, Breanne, Lonnie Breanne, Breanne Teases, Jennifer
Started in 2003 at approx 19 years old
Fun Fact: Originally known as “Breanne” she was girl-girl only prior to her comeback in late 2009

These numbers practically say that she’s above know the everybody else, really everything to one of her colleagues, Billy every girl that fucks on camera for a living. And since Hot little thing Breanne Benson LIVE became a reality, she is burning the competition off one by one. There is a very very good reason, and all you have to do is take the free trial on and from there for free you will be able to understand why everybody is following her, are loving her and of course watching her on recorded porn but especially in the live porn videos that she performs in on cam.

A vote out of 10 I’ll give her 15!!

At the turn of the millennium when the Internet was not young, however it was younger than it is today, many people never thought that we could possibly get to where we are today, and then came along Webcam Porn Movies, the live ones, however they were starring people that nobody had never seen before most of them were college dorm skanks that looking for tuition money and really could not care if they were being exposed or not to hundreds and in some cases thousands of people are watching in. Then you had the desperate single mothers or the board housewives of thought they could give it a try. But in 90% of the time and when I say 90% and be absolutely generous here, you would be paying for something that you would then be very disappointed, simply because they could not deliver what you are expecting, your expectations were extremely higher than what they could possibly offer you

What you are basically looking for is something that came out only last year and it came out on only one network, because only that network actually had the possibility of putting together what they did and it is not just Live Porn it’s Live Pornstar Porn Videos. And I’m sure you already understood the difference.

breane benson porn

Well it did take all the time the Internet WebCam business started in 1999, so took roughly 15 years for this to occur but it’s here now and is only one network like I said that actually does that that would be the network that has one other websites, which is one of their main website called

Breanne Benson – – Check her profile out!

Oh my God this happens to be the first ever photograph of her with her close on, LOL, that’s what a fellow editor just told me when I told him that I was going to post this specific photograph on her blog. I have to say it is a little unusual to see her with close on, and I have to admit she looks pretty damn sexy with close on just like when she’s naked. But were not here to talk about that today, Breanne Benson Live Porn shows over at also has a personal profile page. It has the full bio of the gorgeous porn star, it has featured updates of her last live porn shows, lots of videos to watch and of course an outstanding number of high quality digital photographs of her flashing it and in sex acts.

cherrypimps brianne benson

It was about time that they did this, however she is not the only Live Porn model that has her personal profile, there are several more that do and many more to come in the days and weeks ahead of us, so we have been told by the website owners and webmasters.

So is just not live Live Pornstar Videos anymore it is a lot more information on the website, even for as you can see the individual adult models as well. It’s always good to know that this information is for everybody and not just for members only, of course if you are a member you get to see the live porn itself, but most of the information is also shared with them that yet have to sign up and become a member.

See the rest of these pics and the live shows on

At this point I really don’t want to go into detail regarding the archives, of the specific website that were talking about today, you can see for yourself you go and check it out if you visit that website that it is not just Live Porn videos, but every single live sex show that is broadcasted obviously life over the Internet is also recorded and digital photograph, so each show of April start getting fucked in all holes last around 90 minutes and in most cases up to two hours also recorded then the hundreds of photographs per show and the whole live sex so recording are placed in the archives and anybody that has access to the website as a member obviously, get access to all this.

So when you sign up at not only do you get to see life porn as it’s actually happening, and no other website has this, but you will also get access to exclusive material such as videos and high-definition photographs that you can also take and share media all with your friends you can print them you can do whatever you want you can stick them up your ass for all I care LOL (just kidding on that last one, and a giggly mood today). Where I want to get to is, no one else has this material or these live show that involve sports stars, check it out for yourself doing research and you’ll see that no one has what they have to offer and all of it for less than two dollars a day if you sign up on a daily basis, if you sign up for a month you get it for less than one dollar a day.

brianne benson wildoncambreanne benson cherrpimps

I really hate how you hear all those guys posting on blogs and forums stating that the product that they offer is free, shorts free until you pull out your credit card it’s free as far as you get to the you got up Amy page, so I’m not going to say that these Pornstar sex shows are free of charge, that would not be right to say, I would lose credibility and the hundreds of thousands of readers I have every month would back off, but I’d like to say is the solid truth and that these live sex shows cost less or even better a third of what a Starbucks coffee would cost you.

Now answer this for me if you would: would you rather watch free live sex shows starring porn stars that are getting fucked live right there in front of you, each show lasts around two hours of pure sex, or would you like me to hand you over instead a coffee? Do you see where I’m going with this? There is only one network that offers Live sex starring real famous porn stars and that’s who were talking about today, she Breanne Benson, is a leading protagonist on, every time that she gives a show there are hundreds and thousands of people watching her, not hundreds, if not thousands, but hundreds of thousands, and that’s how this company manages to keep the prices, the fees, so low to you and to the millions of others that sign up to watch these amazing live sex shows.

Breanne is doing it now live!…

What she was doing on video and on DVD, she’s now doing it live, don’t take me wrong she is still doing videos and DVDs, it’s just that while she’s making those videos there are actually WebCams that are filming everything and they stream everything life there are many doing along with Pornstar Breanne Benson and is becoming quite a trend, it’s becoming something very significant in numbers and the websites that broadcast these live sex videos streaming them all over the web all growing in massive numbers, numbers as in members and people that are signing up to watch these incredible shows, to watch porn stars getting fucked life while it actually happens.

thpicture Breanne benson cherrypimps porn

I was actually very surprised when they told me that there was a deal between Breanne Benson and that now she is broadcasting all her porn videos while she is actually making them, I was also delighted at the same time if you taking consideration that she is one of my favorite porn stars, she is by far one of the most popular most famous adult models and I hope she doesn’t mind me saying, but in this case I’m sure she will take it as a compliment, that she is one of the most filthiest porn stars that I have ever seen on video and shortly I will have the opportunity to see it live!!

Anyhow it is not just her that is broadcasting live there are many other pornstars that are doing this over at the above linked website, and it seems that everybody is very excited to see dozens of models join the bandwagon every day and this is simply becoming a massive trend and I truly think that Live Pornstars Shows is the future of adult entertainment, somebody prove me wrong if you can!

Breanne Benson Masturbating In The Kitchen

All men like having their women naked or in their panties in the kitchen… Ready to make us a sandwich!

But Breanne Benson looks like she’s up to something….

breanne benson kitchen masturbating 1

Suddenly Breanne Benson pops up the kitchen counter and spreads her legs, pulling her panties to the side… And then starts masturbating using the running water from the sink nozzle!

breanne benson kitchen masturbating 2

Breanne Benson will get off quickly!

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